Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to make sloppy, squishy slime.

What you need: bowl, wooden spoon, soap flakes, boiling water
1. Get the soap flakes and the bowl.
2. Use the boiling water and put it in the bowl.
3. Put the wooden spoon in the bowl and mix it for 3 mins.
4. Put it on your hands. Have fun.
By Isabella K

Handwriters of the Week!!!

We do handwriting first thing in the morning. It is fantastic. We are so good at it.
Have a look at the best this week. If you have any more ideas for handwriting leave us a comment.
Well done Taylah, Ashley, Sophie, Claudia and Georgia!!!


WOWOW met us at school today - it was so great to see him!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Creative Maths

We are having great fun being creative in Maths at the moment. Ashley took a photo of his basic facts using the rods - that is a cool idea Ash!
Have you got any other ideas on how to use the rods ... leave us a comment.