Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Our Science Celebration

Sure to Rise

Everyone bought chapaties, rolls, bread, pikelets and human being biscuits. I like everything. Everything was yum. I made pikelets. I put in flour, salt, butter, milk and sugar.


Fizzing and Foaming

I did my science in Room 2. We made chocolate sherbet. It was sour. It was brown. We put in icing sugar, tartaric acid and milo and tasted it.

Sure to Rise

At the celebration I had fun. I love the bread. I made chapaties. I love chapaties. I was in Sure to Rise.

Fizzing and Foaming

We made a volcano out of vinegar and out of baking soda. It fizzed and foamed.

Sure To Rise

We had to find out how to make bread. We put in flour and we put in yeast. We had to put them in the oven.